0023 “The Gong Master” raising our vibrations into harmony.

Aired 07-25-2013  Presenting Paul Bissonnette 

Paul finds the sound of the gong to be like hearing the vibration of the Universe. Uni being one and verse being a string of feelings expressed together with the one true feeling.

PaulPaul was introduced to the gong and singing bowls in 2004 by Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux. After his first experience with this vibrational energy, Paul was hooked and began playing and singing gong. As Don would say this is “The Way of the Gong.”

Paul is a Gong master, a certified transformational breath facilitator/ teacher trainer, and practices living the shaman way. Paul believes that by combining breath with the gong overtones anything is possible.

Paul welcomes an opportunity to introduce you to “The Way of the Gong”, Transformational Breath, and energy medicine. Contact Paul for a private Sound/Breath healing session in the office or at your home. Also available for house cleansing & blessings. Paul co-leads group gong bath sound meditations with Kathy Cameron.

It is with deep love Paul invites you to explore your personal “Harmony of the Spheres.”


Paul Bissonnette 


We sadly lost Pauls original show with us but here he is again with Nathen Aswell 



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