15/08 Waking Up to Possibilities in Life!

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 Waking Up to Possibilities in Life!  


On this week’s show Ang is talking with Mario Guerra on Waking Up to Possibilities in Life!  

A question that has came up in the past is:  Is it too late to start over, start fresh?  The answer of course is a resounding NO, it is never too late to start living a life full of true happiness and success, and Mario and Ang are here to share with you the importance of choice…will you choose to start living your happy and successful life today and do what you love?

Mario Guerra’s Bio:

angela (244x300)Is it your desire to live a more authentic life with the ultimate reward of joy, health, and happiness?

If you are interested and ready to listen and learn about a new vision for your life that will inspire you to achieve this goal, then I am here to guide you along the way.  I see myself as a “Life Guide”, but not a savior.

I do this by challenging people to see things from a different angle and thereby create more meaning for themselves in their lives. It is my experience that there are probably more people dead than alive nowadays, and I mean walking dead! All of us have become a bit like robots, like auto-programmed human beings, myself included in the past.  Now that I have “awakened” I can show you how to wake up to a new level of joy and happiness that you have been missing.

I see my main role at this stage of my life to stimulate people to wake up from their dream, and if sometimes I feel like I have to shake them up a little, may it be so. For those growing numbers who have taken the step – through courage or life experience – to timidly open their eyes, I see myself in a role of a consciousness fertilizer.

Instant listening now

I will exhort you to grow so you can in turn help others grow – by sowing seeds of knowledge on fertile and receptive grounds. Pointing out that there are many apparently different gardens of truth but that ultimately there is only one.

In addition to my passion for inspiring you to live the life of your dreams, I have a passion for art:  Dancing; Writing; and Painting.

You can learn about:

How Yaka Dance can help you in your Conscious Evolution at www.yakadance.com

How reading Inspired me to write, which in addition to Life Guidance from me, can give you the knowledge that will help sow those precious seeds of knowledge. Check out my (future new) blog at www.marioguerrablog.com (currently www.payopo.com)

How Artwork can open up your mind to endless possibilities at: www.wyblypaintings.com

Facebook Mario Guerra page: facebook.com/mario.guerra.coach

Twitter: twitter.com/mhuru

Linkedin: be.linkedin.com/in/mariohuru/

Angela believes you can live a happier life; a more prosperous life; and a more peaceful life than you can ever imagine! Angela Goodeve is a Professional Life Coach who truly believes that achievement of your goals can be fun and effortless, and is always achievable. Give her your troubles on her blog, and she will answer them on air. (privacy is assured) facebook.com/agoodeve


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