0070 Journey 2 a Million in Prayer.

Originally aired  12-03-2013. “Positive Living Vibrations” with Sara Troy guest Guvy leads a Prayer that will unit 2 million people globally.

DSC02248 (3)Guvy (theinfiniteg) is a Mastermind Meditation Leader and Facilitor! He is the Founder of INC

(Infinity Network Club) Infinitite Possibilities! His Mission is to help your Inner Hero Champion Play a bigger Game than your Currently Playing! The Infinity Network Group has produced 100’s of Personal and Spritual Growth events the Past 5 Years! Which has Lead to the New Campaign of journey2amillion! To Help you raise your Vibration to a Higer Frequency! With the Power of Live Group Meditation! This is backed  by Scienctic Studies and Ancient Spiritual Practices that show this is a method that really Works! His Vision is to start the journey2amillion from a grassroots movement! Bringing 1 million Inner Heros Creating Love,joy,Wealth,Peace and Awarness at one Central Time!  With the Power Of the Internet and Live Group Meditation! He is currently on Tour doing educational Workshops about Journey2amillion and Live Group Meditations!

                              TUNE IN HERE FOR INSTANT LISTENING

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More on Sara Troy. Choose-positive-living

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