P15/08 Mike Sholars True Unity Equals True Empowerment

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Michael Ray Sholars. Originally Aired February 24/15

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Michael Ray Sholars, commonly know as “Mike”, is a Head coach of American football . Born May 12, in Shreveport, Louisiana,, USA. Sholars has won four national championships. in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, hence the given nickname Golddigger. His last accomplishment was a perfect season in the Landesliga of Germany. Sholars has now won a perfect season in every country he coached. Throughout this amazing journey there developed a command formula for success. A philosophy. This philosophy withstands ethnic, culture and language differences. This philosophy succeeds on a relationship, family, team, national, and international level. The Philosophy can be summarized in four words:

He currently is the Head Coach of the Lübeck Seals, that are located in Lübeck, Germany. Update he is now in Switzerland coaching there .

Career Highlights and Awards

  • National Championship (4 times)
  • Perfect Seasons (4 times)
  • Undefeated Regular Season (5 times)
  • Euro Futures All-Stars Game Head Coach (2016)

True Unity = True Empowerment.


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“Coach Mike Sholars talk show appearance:” in English and German  http://www.tidenet.de/tv/videothek

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