P14/09b “Infinite You – A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond.”

Originally Aired March 6th 2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Pamala Oslie’s who tells us about her newest book “Infinite You – A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond.”

Pam Oslie photoPam is an Acclaimed psychic, aura expert, radio show host, author, and speaker Pamala Oslie is living proof of the profound shift that is occurring in human consciousness. We are evolving into a more highly developed species, one with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness, and it is expanding our understanding of reality. Pamala says these greater abilities are not only possible, they are real and natural, and she shows you how to develop them so you can enrich your life. And she discusses the science behind these shifts.

Author Pamala Oslie has her own radio show on KZSB in Santa Barbara, CA, has an extensive global clientele, including many celebrities. She has appeared on numerous national and regional television and radio programs, including “The View,” “The Ricki Lake Show,” Hallmark’s “Better TV” and “Home and Family,” “Iyanla,” “Coast to Coast AM with George Noory” and more. Pam was a featured speaker at the TEDx conference in Santa Barbara, CA in 2012.


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Infinite You book cover

Her newest book is:

Infinite You A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond.

For more information, visit:



Pam discusses and teaches you how to:

– Develop your sixth sense, telepathy, and psychic abilities

– See auras and feel energy fields

– Create using pure energy

– Use parallel universes to change your life

– See your other (past) lives

– Talk to people on the other side

More on Saras shows choose-positive-living


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