14/14 Wise Health and Toni Sicola

Aired April 7th  Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Toni Sicola.

ToniSicolaToni Sicola is the Wellness Program Manager at AHS and an Integrative Nutrition Expert. She’s responsible for all internal and onsite promotion, administration, and much of the fitness and nutrition content for the Wellness Program at all 7 AHS sites. She also builds relationships with local vendors to participate in onsite events in addition to mobilizing internal wellness leadership.

When not promoting AHS Wellness, Toni is feeding her passions of cooking, gardening, rock climbing, creating, and playing with her dog Dexter. She shares her personal journey through her blog at CultivatedWellbeing.com where you will find holistic health and wellness tips, tools, recipes and stories. There she explores how the intersection of food, personal fulfilment and creativity affect wellbeing and hopes to educate and encourage her readers to sow their own seeds of a sweet, rich life.


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For upcoming and past shows and more on Suma /wise-health

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