14/20 Talk to the Animals

Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick, Aired May 19th/14

274Talk to the Animals they listen 

Tune in this week as Jackie discusses her experience in communicating with animals.  How often have you had finished having a conversation…only to find it was with your pet?  Did you dismiss it as being crazy, or say to yourself you were just talking to yourself?  Often time these conversations can happen in our head but just as often they are out loud.

Communicating with our furry family members (in our rational minds) seems harder to validate.  Listen in as Jackie gives you a process to try and help you receive validation or more confidence that what you are hearing is true. As with anything we must listen…and trust what we receive.

In an attempt to share a message from our animal friends, Jackie pulls a card from Animal Messages Deck by Susie Green.  The Animal Card that presented itself was the Butterfly, listen in to hear what her message is to all of us right now.

If you have a topic that you would love to hear Jackie talk about or discuss, please leave her a message!


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More on Jackie and her past shows spiritual-awakening/

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