14/23 Cash Flow Wreckers with Andrew Gregson

Aired June 9th-14 on Conscious Business Conversations Pamela Lynch and her guest. .Andrew Gregson

S3-23-Cash Flow Wreckers - Andrew GregsonPeople should pay more attention to cash flow than their profit and loss statement. Andrew Gregson shares his expertise with the listeners to help them to understand why implementing pricing strategies to improve their cash flow is critical for their business. Andrew also shares the five business wreckers from his best-selling book, Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses.

Andrew Gregson, BA, MA, M.Sc. (Econ), holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and The University of Western Ontario.  He is a pricing expert and author of Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses. Andrew’s expertise is in finance, pricing and debt restructuring to help manufacturing and service companies to return to profitability.  He is a contributor to several trade magazines, and guest speaker for various business events across Canada.

Andrew is currently the President, Board Of Directors intent Financial Inc., his role is overseeing intent Financial Inc., intent Financial Investment Corporation and other related ventures.



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