14/26 Ask Sara about 34 years in Canada

Airing July 1st to July 7th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy

I came to Canada July 20th 1980, I was to be here just for a year then go back to the States again. But 34 years later, a divorce, 3 children, cat, dog, I am still here because I like it.

On-the-Shore-of-the-Pitt-River-Pitt-Meadows-BC-Canada-300x420I live in the Vancouver area British Colombia in a small town called Pitt Meadows. I am flanked by rivers mountains and open skys, it is a friendly town and suites me right now. Peace, beauty, purpose and family is what drives me now, and Canada is a beautiful place with friendly people, open spaces, great restaurants of such diversity and day and night life.

We have it all here and it is my home.

We have a new concept, you can listen to this show from its air date any time you would like just by clicking on the soundcloud link below.

This is the article I wrote on why I became a Canadian citizen 2001/10/the-citizenship-test/

Upcoming and past shows and more on Sara go to saras-view-on-life

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