Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, author of, Spelling It Out for Your Man.Aired July 29th/  14

Are you in pursuit of someone already in love?  Is someone pursuing your partner?  Are you addicted to love?  Is your child with someone who you don’t approve of?  Is your partner addicted to negative behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, gambling or other?  ADD                                                                                                                        Tune-in for a candid conversation about what it really takes to help those people who are in the middle of tumultuous and addictive relationships.


You can listen to this show any time you would like just by clicking on the link below  and enjoy INSTANT LISTENING

For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

For more on Julieanne and her many shows go to transforming-relationships/

Please email Julieanne O’Connor with your questions, comments, stories or quotes about relationships to spellingitout@yahoo.com.

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