14/30 How to move forward by looking within and healing personal demons

Airing July 29 to August 4th on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick

internal-demonsFor a lot of people finding the simple joys in life is anything but simple…  Waking up can become a chore…even a challenge.  Jackie talks about how we can learn to move forward by first looking within….We all have issues… We all are fighting our own set of personal demons…

So how do we do it? How do we move past them and forward?  Listen in as Jackie shares six steps to relief.  She talks about how the process of… being aware, by allowing, by addressing, by the act of realization, and by releasing you can then bring relief.

This whole process she shares allows the spirit of the intended to receive the information and help integrate it into the mental body of the intended…making them aware in an unconscious way…which then allows their spirit to bring the information (bit by bit) into their conscious body.

 Click here for INSTANT LISTENING 

More on Jackie and her show go to /spiritual-awakening/






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