14/34 What is your Life Purpose?

Aired August 26th-September 1st on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marias  

Living your life purpose – we hear that phrase so often, but what does it mean?

life purposeMany people are searching for what their life purpose is and yet they may already be living it. Because your life purpose is any intersection/s between your talents, skills and passions that you can apply as a service to others.

Your life purpose is not something out there, it is something in you! It is whatever you want it to be. There are only a few pre-requisites.

Discover or confirm your life purpose and take your living purposefully to the next level.

Your health and quality of life depend on it.

Challenge for you:

Do the exercises with me and leave a reply on what you discovered or confirmed as your life purpose.


For more on Dina and her shows go to /live-your-best-life/

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