P14/36b Tales of Conscious Awakening

Airied September 9th-14th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Miriam Knight. 

When mystical experiences occur, people awaken to a more humane world-view and a burning passion to inspire personal and global transformation.  What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening is a topical and compelling collection of conscious awakening stories from more than 30 authors and film-makers.

miriam-knightMiriam Knight.

After returning to the US from England, she published a holistic journal for seven years, then founded New Consciousness Review and is the host of NCR Radio, where she interviews authors and film-makers. She then co-founded Luminary Voices, a speakers’ bureau for transformational speakers and musicians, and has just launched the New Consciousness Media Network. Miriam is a long-time student of energy medicine and is a Reiki Master.

Prior to embarking on the spiritual path, Miriam worked in senior corporate management positions.  A native of Venezuela and citizen of the world, Miriam speaks four languages and has lived on four continents.  She has a BA in Romance Languages and Psychology from Boston University, and an MA in Psychology from the University of Virginia.  She is the author of Seeding Change: Inspiring Evolution of Body, Mind & Spirit, (Kindle, 2010) and her new book is “What Wags the World, Tales of Conscious Awakening,” (O Books, Sept. 26, 2014.)


Wags-front-cover-image-copy-41-1404803672What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening is a topical and compelling collection of conscious awakening stories from more than 30 authors and filmmakers.

Each contributor describes life-changing experiences that resulted in extraordinary transformation within their own life, and realisations of an interconnected and multidimensional universe. Their understanding of the world and how it works has been so profoundly changed that they feel compelled to share their story and pass on the gifts of wisdom, insight, and compassion they have gained. Contributors include; Ervin Laszlo, Anita Moorjani, Bernie Siegel, MD, Gregg Braden, JD Messinger, Larry Dossey, MD and Cmdr Suzanne Giesemann.


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