14/40 “Along Comes Hope!”

Aired October 7th-13th on Own Your Money with Jeffrey A. Forrest and his guest Jenny Mulks Wieneke,

Linkedin picSix years ago, Jenny Mulks Wieneke, a single mom was laying in her hospital bed in Texas, battling for her life in a bout with cancer.  Thank God that she calls herself a “Cancer Thriver”, just like Oliva Newton-John.  While in her bed, she looked out at night and saw a second tower, all filled with children fighting for their lives, against cancer.  Her heart went out to them and she made a vow to God that if she survives, she’d do something significant for those children and their families….

Today, Jenny is the Founder and the CEO of Along Comes Hope, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide support for families of children with cancer. They help supplement the costs of travel & accommodations during their child’s cancer treatment therapy to allow a family to heal together. She discovered that many times, the families cannot afford to travel with their cancer sticker child and her non-profit wants to change that.  Emotional support is critical in anyone’s fight against cancer and Along Comes Hope provides it.

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Join me as I interview Jenny and learn more about ‘Along Comes Hope” and about her recent trip to Washington DC to participate in CUREFEST.  You’ll also have a chance to get introduced to HOPE BEAR!  Lastly, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing how you could make a “Planned Gift” to Along Comes Hope or any non profit organization that you want to support, both here and in the hear after.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  soundcloud.com/mobile  



T: 805-322-1423






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