14/51 Ask Sara about The Lonely

 Ask Sara with Sara Troy, It’s all about loneliness and interaction.  Aired from December 23rd


This Christmas be mindful of the lonely, see them hear them and interact with them in some way, for we have all felt lonely along the way.

Share your story for it may inspire others to walk theirs.

We do not have to be alone, there are so many ways to interact with people, but are people listening to us are they seeing us and do they really care? Loneliness is painful but it does not have to be if we learn to be open about our lives and also willing to care enough to listen.


If you would like to download or listen S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio shows on your mobile device you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

   More on Sara  about-sara-troy

An article I wrote on loneliness.


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