15/05 Art Journaling: Playtime with Purpose

Originally Aired from February 3rd-9th on Everyday Happiness with Vicki McLoed and her guest Tracey Lewindon

10505303_469195083183965_7321388295978419345_n (1)In this week’s Everyday Happiness pajama podcast, Vicki interviews Tracey Lewindon of Nature’s Heart. Tracey is an aromatherapist and an art journaling teacher devoted to growing wellness and cultivating harmony.  Tracey and Vicki discuss the art journaling process and how it applies to creativity, inner connection, and self-discovery. Tracey shares her art journaling ‘journey’ and offers tips on creating a happiness-themed journal page and ways to apply the process to business and other aspects of life. It’s playtime with purpose. You’ll find out how to get started with this powerful personal development process how using it can help shape a more mindful life.


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Find out more about Tracey and her work here:



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