15/21 “How to Win a Man’s Heart” with Expert Elena Burnett

Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, and her guest Elena Burnett, on air from May 26th 


Tune-in for a candid and honest interview with Elena Burnett on How to Win a Man’s Heart.  Join us for some laughs, some ‘ah-ha’ moments, and for the truth behind the fairy tale. Elena shares insights about emotions, sex, thinking and more. Don’t miss this episode of Transforming Relationships!

Elena’s new release How to Win a Man’s Heart is available on her website at www.ElenaBurnett.com and can be found on Amazon in both English and Spanish.

Elena Burnett, Author and Relationship Specialist has been featured on CNN Latino, La Opinion, El Mundo, KLive, 105.3, ABC7, and countless other shows. For more on Elena, visit her website and find her on social media…


For mobile/tablets  you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE










Website:  www.elenaburnett.com

On Amazon: Elena+Burnett

Facebook:  .facebook.com/Elenaburnettcoach

Twitter:  @Elenaburnett22

Pinterest:  .pinterest.com/elenaburnett22

Instagram:  thefairytaleformula

More on your host and her shows go to transforming-relationships

Please email Julieanne O’Connor with your questions, comments, or personal stories about your relationship(s)author Spelling It Out for Your Career. (www.spellingitout.com). Spellingitout@yahoo.com


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