Sara’s View of Life

Sara's View of Life

Sara Troy does a weekly show where she shares with you, her worldly perspectives on love, health, spirit, and living.

You never know what you are going to get nor does she know what she will talk about until she does. It is organic and intuitive perspectives on today’s living and the loving of life.

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This Week On Sara’s View of Life…

17-16 Debuting Self Discovery’s Ebook series - Self Discovery Ebook Series is proud to announce the debut of our Ebook series. Every chapter was contributed by a radio guest who has done shows with us here on Self Discovery Radio, from those chapters it leads you back to their shows with us and what services they have to offer you. I have hosted … Continue reading 17-16 Debuting Self Discovery’s Ebook series
16-47 Are you willing to CHANGE your ATTITUDE? - Sara Troy hosts Sara’s View of Life on air from November 22nd  I hear every day someone having an issue with their lives. Work sucks because they are not getting enough out of it, or it is taking too much out of them. Relationships suck but no one will take the time or effort to … Continue reading 16-47 Are you willing to CHANGE your ATTITUDE?

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