Sara’s View of Life

Sara's View of Life

Sara Troy does a weekly show where she shares with you, her worldly perspectives on love, health, spirit, and living.

You never know what you are going to get nor does she know what she will talk about until she does. It is organic and intuitive perspectives on today’s living and the loving of life.

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18-25 Flowing in Authentic Spirituality with Sara - Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from June 19th Authentic Spirituality, what is that? is it something to do with being spiritual as opposed to doing spirituality? So many will say that they are spiritual, just like so many say their a person of God, but when it comes to action, they … Continue reading 18-25 Flowing in Authentic Spirituality with Sara
18-24 Is Sara Ready for Dating again? - Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air June 12th Is Sara ready for dating again? that is the dating world ready for Sara?  I have been single for years now, and so busy building this radio network I have let life pass me by. I have not rushed out to date again, I … Continue reading 18-24 Is Sara Ready for Dating again?

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Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit -   Personal Growth Experts Believe That You Can Overcome Anything! Meet these Transformational Coaches and Spiritual Teachers from around the world that have come together to remind you that, YOU CAN HEAL AND MANIFEST YOUR GREATEST LIFE! Overcoming challenges with self-coaching How to reveal, understand and transform yourself Infinite possibilities with experiencing greater love and freedom Access this … Continue reading Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit



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