Their Story Matters

Their Story Matters

Here on “Their Story’s Matters” is where we will hear the stories of people having faced their deep adversities are now sharing their challenges in order to help others face their own. Men and women have had to face things that no human should have to face, but have chosen to embrace their freedom, their liberty, and in dignity find a meaningful purpose in their lives.


Humanitarian groups philanthropist non-profits, we wish to embrace what you are doing in helping humanity, please come share your passion of what your organisation is doing to help others find their liberty, dignity and personal freedom in embracing their possibilities. We wish to tell your story as it very much matters.

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This Week On Their Story Matters…

TSM 17-42 Julia Cha Supporting Your Happiness - Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Julie Cha, ON AIR FROM OCTOBER 17TH HAPPINESS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT AS WE ARE BORN HAPPY  Julia Cha (1983 -) was born in Seoul, South Korea. Being one of the early Millennial generation, Julia has lived a colourful cosmopolitan childhood. She moved to Buenos Aires at … Continue reading TSM 17-42 Julia Cha Supporting Your Happiness

This Upcoming Shows…

TSM 17-43 Still Standing After All the Tears with Valerie Silveira - Their Stroy Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Valerie Silveira, on air from October 24th Valerie Silveira, Author of the Award-Winning Book, “Still Standing After All the Tears: Putting Back the Pieces After All Hell Breaks Loose” and Creator of the Nine Actions to Battle Your Beast. She is an author of two other books, … Continue reading TSM 17-43 Still Standing After All the Tears with Valerie Silveira




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