C15/31a Health Means Your Wealth Freedom with Fatemi Ghani

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Fatemi Ghani aired August 4th/15

Without health we are poor, with health we can find abundant wealth in all areas of our life. Embracing our health and inviting our freedom of wealth is what Fatemi Ghani is all about.

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I Sara Troy host mispronounced Fatemi name I do apologise

Fatemi Ghani-–speaker, trainer, success coach and author. He is an Aerospace engineer by profession, served Aviation industry for 28 years. He suffered from IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) where he was in pain all the time, he was introduced to DXN natural health products and is IBS free today. So inspired by the results and a need to find more joy and meaning in his work, he joined DXN in 2003 in Dubai and got his education in Health and Wellness from IGNOU and in Direct Selling/Network marketing from 2 US Universities. Ha had established professional training in Gulf in three areas, Health and Wellness, Network marketing/business and Personal Development. He has coached over 50,000 individuals in 40 countries and helped many new entrepreneurs become successful.IMG_6479

He is the author of Map Your Freedom, which has been translated in Spanish and Urdu languages.

He teaches globally through his website, mapyourfreedom.com and is starting Ghani Academy, where he will start coaching entrepreneurs through his 8 weeks online course.

He is involved in night blindness charitable project in India where night blindness is prevalent and which has given night eyesight back to over 700 children.

His mission in life is to see more than 100,000 new entrepreneurs benefit from this compassionate new style of Network Marketing industry. Another show on the night blindness will come on this in  the future.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here: soundcloud.com/mobile

Intro to Fatemi Ghani


Book is available in other languages.  buy-the-book

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More on Sara Troy and her shows. choose-positive-living


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