C15/42 Rocking The Stage with Karen

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy  and her guest  Karen McGregor aired October 20th-26th

Public speaking is an art, some come by it naturally and some have to learn the skill, Karen is not only skillful but guide others to know the art of selling it on stage.


International Speaker and Best Selling Author Karen McGregor shares with us how to Make Money Speaking (even if you’ve never spoke before or don’t like speaking!) Learn how to Triple Your Income Through Speaking by having prospective clients say YES to your offer long before you ever sell anything! The best part is, feel good about sharing your message and selling from the heart while the audience feels cared for and in gratitude for your presentation.


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What are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they try to sell on stage, whether for 5 minutes or 2 hours?

karenKaren McGregor is an international speaker and bestselling author, sharing the stage with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith and David Wolfe. Her passion is to help conscious entrepreneurs build their business and spread their much needed products and services far and wide … through one of the most powerful avenues available to them…. speaking!

She currently mentors some of the top entrepreneurs in Canada to develop and deliver their talks and build their speaking business, including Olympic athletes, health gurus, elite artists, musicians, coaches and real estate experts.

Karen’s expertise as a former business development trainer, corporate public speaking coach and top sales associate have made her signature Rock the Stage program one of the most highly regarded trainings available for entrepreneurs who speak.







For a free 15 minute consultation call or write to 

PH: 604-833-3073 


More on your host Sara Troy’s shows, choose-positive-living

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