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wellness journey

The Wellness Journey Series hosted by Lynnis Woods-Mullins 

The Wellness Journey podcast is about the fun and simplicity of wellness for women and men using holistic practices, nutrition, fitness, and spiritual renewal. We interview some of the premier experts in the field wellness about topics that will aid you in your journey to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit.


Mid Life Strategy for full life Loving


If you had the ability to create a strategy or plan for your mid-life years what would it be?   What would be included in your strategy?  Would you have goals for your health, travel, career, family, vacations etc… What would be included a mid-life strategy that helps you to live a well, fun and full life?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves as we head into mid-life.  We have the right and the ability to live our lives as we see fit. We also have a right and a responsibility to ourselves to live our best lives right now.

Mid-life is the perfect time to go after your dreams, your desires, and your life goals.  In many ways life doesn’t stop in mid-life, LIFE STARTS IN MID-LIFE.   It is really up to you to make the most out of this very special time in your life.   What you need is a strategy, a roadmap on how to live a life that is well, fun and full of purpose.

In this series, we will be interviewing women who are passionate about living a well and active mid-life.  All of them have either been through an epiphany that helped motivated them to pursue their best life in mid-life, and others have practices, methods, and information that can help women to create a mid-life strategy that is empowering, inspirational and purposeful.

Some of the topics we will cover: Starting March 20th.   GET THE INTRO HERE 

How To Remain Happy In Every Moment – Even When Your  Life Seems To Be A Wreck

How to Live a Life of Abundance, Wellness, and Success Through Meditation

The Power of Hope: Reclaiming Your Life After Tragedy

The Anti-Aging Philosophy of Wellness – Mind, Body, and Spirit

How To Win The Battle of  the “Hormone Wars”

How To Have  the Best Sex of Your Life In Mid-Life

Super Charge your life after 60

Lose the Nicotine addiction and stop smoking

And much more!!!

So sit back and enjoy this wonderful podcast series.  A series for women, by women, and about women and the wonderful ride we call mid-life.  Enjoy

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WJ 18-25 Whats Next at Mid-Life with Nicole Jansen - The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Nicole Jansen, on air from June 19th Part of having a full life during mid-life is pursuing those goals and dreams you have always put on hold.  By the time you hit the 40’s it is not unusual to want to stop and look at your life … Continue reading WJ 18-25 Whats Next at Mid-Life with Nicole Jansen

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