Wellness Journey

wellness journey

The Wellness Journey hosted by Lynnis Woods-Mullins 

The Wellness Journey podcast is about the fun and simplicity of wellness for women and men using holistic practices, nutrition, fitness, and spiritual renewal. We interview some of the premier experts in the field wellness about topics that will aid you along your journey to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series

 Getting Your Grove Back in 2018 and Beyond ….Reprogram, Reenergize, Reconnect Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

We often go into a new season of life with hope and expectations for the better.  Whether it’s  ringing in a New Year with a new resolution or ushering in another birthday with expected new goals, we all want to reenergize, reconnect and in some cases reprogram our ourselves in a new way that gives us purpose and self – awareness.  Much like the character Stella did in the movie “When Stella Got Her Groove Back”, we want to get our “groove back” .  We want the opportunity to start thriving again, to start walking in our purpose, to feel that sense of optimism and joy that should come with the start of anything “new”

The reality is that we never really lost our groove in the first place.  In many cases our “groove” has been buried in the disappointments of the past, the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do next.  Our “groove” gets buried under years of new resolutions that never happened and Birthday goals that didn’t get achieved.

But the good news is that it is not too late.  It is not too late to reprogram our thought process, reenergize our efforts, and reconnect with our quest to fulfil and in some case find our personal legend – our life purpose.

Topics for this Show Series
In this podcast series – “Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond… Reprogram, Reenergize, Reconnect Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul” our topics are all about discovering ways to get your own “groove” back   We will cover topics ranging from mid-life dating, enhancing your intuition, setting intentions, living a more energetic and well life, and more.  The interviews are informative, motivating and inspiring.   Enjoy this series!  Get ready to get your “groove” back.

This Week On The Wellness Journey…

WJ 18-07 Dreaming BIG In Mid-Life – Allowing  Yourself To Be Led To A Life You Love - The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Ilona Selke, on air from February 13th  It’s wonderful to know that in mid-life it is not too late to move forward in life and go after all those dreams that we may have put off earlier in life.   It’s not too late to really LOVE your life. … Continue reading WJ 18-07 Dreaming BIG In Mid-Life – Allowing  Yourself To Be Led To A Life You Love

This Upcoming Shows…

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Topics for this Show Series shows 17-40 to 17- 45
Changes and Transitions – Rituals to Transform Your Life and Your Interior Space
Changes and Transitions – Aligning with Soul’s Purpose
Changes and Transitions – Loving Your Body and Yourself
Changes and Transitions – Finding The Power of P In Your Sex Life
Changes and Transitions – Keys To Emotional Wellness and Peace
Changes and Transitions – Redefining Your Relationships

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About the host…

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