Wellness Journey

wellness journey

The Wellness Journey hosted by Lynnis Woods-Mullins 

The Wellness Journey podcast is about the fun and simplicity of wellness for women and men using holistic practices, nutrition, fitness, and spiritual renewal. We interview some of the premier experts in the field wellness about topics that will aid you along your journey to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

Lynnis took a respite from doing her shows, but now it back with a new series of shows for you from October 3rd

This series focuses on helping you to achieve wellness and wholeness in every area of your life.  We will cover how fulfilling and fun it is to achieve wellness in your mind, body, and spirit through holistic practices, fitness, nutrition and spiritual renewal.  This series will cover topics such as holistic interior design, enhancing your relationships in midlife, how to stay motivated and engaged in mid-life, increasing joy, focus, and abundance in your life, holistic practices for self-care, and fitness after 40. Listen to this series on wellness and wholeness that will renew, restore, and re-energize the connection to your mind, body, and spirit.

Topics for this Show Series
Changes and Transitions – Rituals to Transform Your Life and Your Interior Space
Changes and Transitions – Aligning with Soul’s Purpose
Changes and Transitions – Loving Your Body and Yourself
Changes and Transitions – Finding The Power of P In Your Sex Life
Changes and Transitions – Keys To Emotional Wellness and Peace
Changes and Transitions – Redefining Your Relationships

This Week On The Wellness Journey…

WJ 17-49 Pursuing an EXTRAordinary Life In Mid-Life- - The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Clifton West, on air from December 5th.  Getting Our Groove Back and Finishing Strong   Clifton West has led an extraordinary life disguised as an ordinary man.  Life has afforded him a wonderful childhood, an exciting world-class track career that put him on the path to the … Continue reading WJ 17-49 Pursuing an EXTRAordinary Life In Mid-Life-
C17-47 Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond with Lynnis - Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and ‘Wellness Journey’ host Lynnis Woods Mullins, on air November 21st ‘ Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond ….Reprogram, Reenergize, Reconnect Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul  We often go into a new season of life with hope and expectations for the better.  Whether it’s  ringing in … Continue reading C17-47 Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond with Lynnis

This Upcoming Shows…

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About the host…

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