15/44 Dealing With The “Battle” of The Hormone

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest  Dr.Sutherland aired from  November 3rd-on.

           Sharing– Tips and Techniques to Overcome and Win Back Your Overall Wellness.


How many of us have been at war with our hormones? I know I have. In fact many times our spouses, children, co-workers and friends have also been in the battle with us. They have been dealing with the results of the hormonal imbalances whenever we are in a bad mood, feeling tired, having brain fog and sudden cravings.  So what can we do to get our hormones balanced? What is out there that will actually work while keeping us healthy and happy.

Dr Daisy SoutherlandDr. Daisy Southerland, Doctor of Chiropractic, Speaker, Author, Online Fitness/Health Mentor and happily married  Mom to 5 shares with us some wonderful tips and techniques that can bring our homones back to balance.  Dr. Southerland talks about the 5 signs that tell you your hormones are out of balance, the kinds of foods you can eat to help you maintain your balance, and what she has learned during her own “battle” of the hormones.

Join us for a wonderful interview full of information and a bit of humor too!


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