C15/50 Tabytha the Traveling Spirit

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tabytha Towe aired from December 15th/15

59560_10151242528983458_1929681617_nBorn a free spirit and a curious butterfly, Tabytha just had to travel it was in her blood and would feed her heart spirit and soul. Today she is sharing her wonderful adventures with us and what she has learned from her travels and the many countries she has lived in and visited.

Tabytha is Canadian born and raised but spread her wings at 19 with her first solo trip to Cape Town South Africa where I used to live. Here is a short list of the countries.

South Africa. USA. Cuba. Australia. New Zealand. England. Puru. South America. Costa Rica. China. Hong Kong. Europe. UK.  and so many more and even more to come.

Born a free-spirited wanderlust who is seeking the world one step at a time. There is not enough time that can be spent in one place or another, but the value of which you get from it every time, is priceless. Meeting new people, discovering natural wonders and beauty, trying different cuisine, being lost in translation, getting lost and then finding yourself or where you needed to be again, realizing that the world is a vast place that can be so cruel and big, but that we are all just a small speck of this world and can be kind to it, learn from it and each other, be kind to each other, let go and move on or decide to stay, one life but infinite moments.

As Ghandi said best ” live as if you’ll die tomorrow, learn as if you’ll live forever.”


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Africa, Cape Town, Toronto.

Tabytha is a  wild wanderlust Chinese-English Canadian born free spirited girl frolicking the globe as much as possible.





China wall with father bro and sis.

12336184_10156318181870581_82340528_nCurrently living and working in Toronto at The Drake Hotel www.thedrakehotel.ca and working on her first publication “Going Postal Cocktails: international & Original Recipes”

www.goingpostalcocktails.com being developed as we speak STAY TUNED 



More on your host Sara Troy choose-positive-living


12358193_10156324482310581_1311170047_n“Smoke on the Water”

1.50 oz Islay Scotch

1.25oz Amaro Averna {can get at liquor store}

.25oz Cynar (artichoke liquer}

4x drops of Xocolate Mole bitters {Bittermens or Scrappys brand, buy at a specialty or cocktail store}


“Santas’ night cap

1.25os Rye {American preferably but Canadian great too}

.75oz Brandy {Du Jardin cheap}

.50oz Amaro Sibillia

.25oz Clove syrup {boil cup of water, add cup of granulated white sugar, add half cup of cloves, and stir together. Let sit, then bottle and keep in fridge after cooling, make sure the syrup is thick, not too watery.} Peel zest off a lemon, use the skin side {not pith} and squeeze the oils out over the drink

Both of these drinks can be served up {no ice in glass} in a coupette or in a rocks glass with ice if preferred. First cocktail is a smokey finish, second is booze forward tasting, stir both over ice for at least 30 seconds before straining in to desired glass

” Monkey Breakfast”

1.50oz Havana Club 3 year rum {blanco}

.50oz Banana Liquor {Bols}

1oz Buttermilk

.25oz Maple Syrup shake together over ice 30 seconds, strain and pour over fresh ice. Garnish with dehydrated Banana Chips and add 3x dashes of Reagans Bitters this is a thicker, fun and sweeter cocktail, {dessert} not so boozy tasting.



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