C16/01a Embracing Your Inner Wisdom

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Meera Virk on air from January 5th/16

                                    A NEW Approach to your INNER WISDOM 

fearless-750x300Inner Wisdom Life Coaching

Wisdom comes from the inside out and until we are still enough to hear that wisdom, we often keep repeating the same old things.

We support one’s journey into the next level to ensure our clients experience the breakthrough they are seeking and worked so hard for. We live our mission everyday…. “trailblazing the way to empowered metamorphosis.” Your journey awaits and together we can.

We work together with the entire family eco-system in shaping the best fit and road map to guide our future leaders. This is a customized coaching approach where one’s needs are assessed and a curated plan is put into action.


     For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here: soundcloud.com/mobile

Meera Virk – Integrative Life Coach Professional

Meera_InnerWisdomMeera didn’t think a cup of coffee can change her life. But it did. One afternoon while taking a break from her entrepreneur routine, she had a realization she was meant for so much more. This concept was quite foreign to her being already a successful entrepreneur and career woman, for many years she was living the life she has dreamed of.

But upon further reflection, she knew that she had to share her gifts and purpose with the universe. The drive was so strong that she immersed herself in training and went through her own metamorphosis and personal development. She believes that each person’s empowered metamorphosis is essential to living a purpose filled, happy life. Meera lives in beautiful British Columbia with her husband and daughter.






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