16/06 Mid-Life Doesn’t Mean No Life: Dr. Kat Smith

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Dr. Kat Smith aired February 9th-15th


       Mid-Life Doesn’t Mean No Life –Exploring Your Sexuality After 50

Just because we are aging doesn’t mean we stop living. We still enjoy going out with friends, taking great vacations, learning something new, and having sex! Not only is having sex fun it is also a much needed component to our overall wellness. Join me and Dr, Kat Smith, DHS and America’s Intimacy Expert as we talk about how to maintain a healthy sex life as we age. “As a Doctor of Human Sexuality, or what I like to call an Intimalogist, it is my desire to inspire others to embrace the decadence of what love and intimacy has to offer. And it’s more than sex. Although sex is a delicious part of intimacy, it encompasses many wonderful expressions of affection, trust, emotional, mental and physical sharing.” America’s Intimacy Expert, Dr. Kat Smith is an Intimalogist, Author and Speaker. She is located in Dallas, Tx and works with couples and individuals with their intimate concerns.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

Website –.drkatsmith.com




More on your host Lynnis and her shows got to new-wellness-journey-show and Magazine wellness-woman-40-and-beyond-magazine

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