TSM16/13 Demons of War and Religious Confusion + P.T.S.D

Their Story Matter with Sara Troy and her guest Arthur W. Schade, airs March 29th-April 5th


The Demons of War and the confusion over Region and the misunderstandings of P.T.S.D. Wars and Religions are not only killing us but damaging those who fight for peace some times beyond repair. 

Where is the dignity the value of life and if there is a God surly he stands for peace not death.

Arthur:   After high school Schade enlisted in the Marines, and within a few months was engaged in combat in the jungles of Vietnam. After receiving his honorable discharge, he did as many other veterans, and worked at a dozen different jobs until he landed a position at a bank repossessing cars. Within five years, he achieved the level of Branch Manager. Still uncertain of the career he desired he was offered a position at IBM as a collection administrator, which he transformed in to thirty successful years in executive marketing, business development, and sales – often requiring of global travel.

Nonetheless, at the peak of his career, unable to avoid the twenty-four hour news coverage of the sounds and visuals of the Gulf Wars, Schade yielded to his decades old battle with PTSD, and sought medical treatment. He retired early from IBM, but was determined to help others by writing about the two questions that haunted him since Vietnam; how to break the stigma of PTSD, and how a loving God allows the atrocities and barbaric actions of war?

To help veterans break the stigma of PTSD, Schade wrote ‘The demons of war are persistent.” It was posted on PsychologyToday.com by Nobel Prize-winning Journalist Eric Newhouse. Published in “First-Person Accounts of Mental illness and Recovery,” “Journal of Military Experience II and III,” and countless support sites. ‘Not Alone,’ a subset of ‘The demons…’ was also published, and both are free to read and download on his website.


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During the time of these writings, Schade spent over three years researching and questioning others regarding their religious and secular beliefs. Did God exist? If so, whose side is He or She on? Or, are atheists correct – ‘dust to dust? Most important, in his book, “Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion” Schade sought to answer the question that haunted him most; does Faith + secular theory – empirical proof = bigotry? Or is there another artheranswer?

His book is available in all major book stores, in all formats, including audio.

Schade, is retired and living in Florida, has been married to his lovely wife Diane, since 1969. Together, they raised three fine sons, who married terrific daughter-in-laws, and blessed them with four grandchildren; one granddaughter, and three young grandsons.




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