16/11 Total Healing – Why Using A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Healing

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Dr Sherry Meinberg, aired March 15-21st

——————– from Serious Illnesses and Chronic Disease Is Impactful

Dr Sherry L MeinbergDr Sherry Meinberg brings a positive approach to healing from serious disease such as cancer. In her book “A Cluster of Cancers: A Simple Coping Guide for Patients” brings a positive approach to the subject, showing us how we can participate in the healing process of our loved ones along side their treatment. Dr. Meinbergs book covers the gamut of self-help issues that cancer patients and all patients of serious illnesses and chronic disease contend with.

Join us as we discuss some of these methods and how we can all benefit from taking a positive approach to the total healing of our mind, body and spirit.


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414TF2d27rL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_An educator for over 50 years, Dr Sherry L Meinberg’s thirteenth nonfiction book is “A Cluster of Cancers: A Simple Coping guide for Patients” Dr. Meinberg is approaching her eighth year as a cancer survivor and knows whereof she speaks. She has been honored with well over 100 awards and has been featured on local, national and international radio and TV shows as well as newspapers, magazines and the internet.




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