16/16 Discovery of Self with Sara

Sara Troy present, Sara’s View on Life aired April 26th-May 2nd 

 What have I learned from all these years of hosting and what impact has it had on me? 


You cannot spend hours months and years interviewing global people without it leaving its mark. With over 550 shows under my personal belt and with over 1400 shows on Self Discovery Radio all filled with divine purposeful informative and progressive knowledge is just a show away.

The answers are always near, and we get those answers from those who have walked the path and learned the knowledge through experience and action, and they now share that truth with you the listener.

So now with expansion in place bringing you those who have learnt and now designed the tools, the programs all from that experienced expertise, all that inspiration to get you into action, we are sharing these experts by Spotlighting their Summits, Seminars, On-line Programs and Webinars, all whom show you how to propel your life’s meaningful purpose and life’s journey into positive action.


           For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  soundcloud.com/mobile

We celebrate those who choose to invest in themselves first and then share that knowledge with others so that they may grow too.

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Some Spotlight shows are up right now on The Pursuit of Wholeness Spotlight show and the expansion into the Spotlight seminars etc are available for May, book now. If you have a summit, seminar, webinar that you want to feature, then let us Spotlight you.

More on the Spotlight shows INQUIRE HERE


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