PVR16/22 “Soul Heart Spirit Action into LOVE”

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Shivany Gonell and Les Jensen aired May 31st -June 13th



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Our Soul with its divine intellect speaks to our Heart and in that passion ignites our Spirit into action, then our Mind knows what it needs to know when it needs to know it. 

Sara Tro

Shivany has been described by thousands of happy international clients as somebody who “transforms your energy”, creating a lasting change in your life.

meetWhat makes her unique and effective as a course leader and in one-to-one sessions is that she combines her clarity with deep intuition and compassion. Her consummate skill in identifying core blocks and dysfunctional patterns results from having freed herself of limiting beliefs.

Through accessing her spiritual connection and wisdom she is able to effortlessly straddle two worlds, exhibiting a profound understanding of one’s inner and outer life. If we leave the outside world alone for a while and concentrate on our inner world, our outer world will reflect any internal shift we make.




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lj_plants_16x9-1024x577After soul-searching for a deep inner connection Les Jensen found an ocean of ideas and wisdom streaming from his soul that painted a beautiful picture of the future. By healing his heart and by coming to terms with the free will of our human nature, Les was able to connect that higher wisdom with the compassion of his open heart, finding heart-filled motivation easy, and effortless. By being that vehicle of Divine love for humanity, we can feel fulfilled, satisfied and inspired to action in our everyday lives.

Les has his own radio blog where he interviews spiritual leaders weekly.



Tune in to Les radio shows  radio./newhumanliving



Their past shows with Sara and for more roundtables GO HERE



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