Nyle DiMarco’s Freestyle Transcends Dance Transends LIFE

Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle is totally deaf yet dances like someone who hears and feels everything. 

Inspiration bound, this is what feeds me, inspires me, helps me continue on for not only facing our challenges but always striving to overcome them.

What grabs my soul and heart is when a person looks at their challenges in the face and decide to excel in what they can do not focus on what they can’t.

Nyle is deaf, totally deaf, does not feel the beat, can not hear a thing yet he is so rhythmic in his dance that it must be his soul that’s dances.

Not can not hear but chose not to see, he felt his way into our hearts. 

Let us look to what faces us and see how we can rise above them. I know it is a challenge some days for we all have our obstacles to overcome, I know because I face mine daily, yet when I do what I love, it sets me free.

What are you doing to feed your soul, heal your heart, lift your spirit and set you free?

Mine is this radio station and the heart it gives me.  

Self Discovery radio 

By Sara TROY

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