TSM16/24 Mental & Body is a Whole Health Experience.

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Rachel Shanken aired June 14-20th


Mental Health is a Whole-Body Whole-Life Experience. It’s been proven that your issues are stored in your tissues. Although traditional talk therapies can be healing to some extent, they often don’t get to the heart of your issues — because they can’t! Trauma, Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Depression feel bad because they affect all parts of you. Learning to listen to the deeper layers of your body, heart and mind is the path to healing, freedom and joy.


   For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here: soundcloud.com/mobile

Rachel HeadshotRachel Shanken is the founder of MindBodyWise  and creator of MindBodyWise therapy.  She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher. Rachel specializes in mind-body approaches to healing trauma, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Her philosophy is simple: what you seek is already within you. Rachel uses a whole-body, client-centered approach and is passionate about supporting people with learning to listen to their own internal wisdom, assisting them with connecting to what they really want and helping to empower them in taking steps toward achieving their goals. Rachel resides in New York City, but offers her private and group sessions to people all over the world through virtual platforms.





Facebook: mindbodywise

Twitter: mindbodywise

Instagram: mindbodywise

LinkedIn: rachelshanken

Read her blogs for they will help you understand you.


and a featured article that started it all.your-issues-are-in-your-tissues

More on your host Sara Troy’s shows, their-story-matters


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