C16/30a Candida the Yeast that Causes” deceases.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  Juliet Tein aired July 26th-August 1st


Basic Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse
Candida and yeasts are part of fungi family.  Candida is part of yeasts, and candida alone has at lease 40 to 50 pathological strains.  Since yeasts and parasites go hand in hand, it’s important to images (1)remove the harmful substances simultaneously from your body.  When you suffer from systemic infections, chances are you are also under a lot of stress.  Therefore, both physical and mental toxins need to be removed.  This Basic Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse program enables your body to detox within the least possible time.  Once you gain the strength physically, you will be more able to work on removing “mental toxins.”  Therefore, if you are not ready to remove mental toxins financially and/or emotionally, I recommend that you start from physical detox first.

The author of this site is Dr. Juliet Tien, D. N. Sc., affectionately addressed by her clients as “Dr. J,” successfully conquered a severe case of yeast and parasitic infection that she had experienced from birth to her early twenties. In the process of healing, she was adopted and taught Chinese herbology by her Godfather: a Chinese medical doctor to break the “curse” of being a sickly child. This experience has also paved a solid foundation for her herbal knowledge, and enabled her to have formulated “Seven Herbal Wonders.”

Chinese_New_Year__Nice_pic_Since correcting her overweight (50 pounds +) and health problems, she has used her first-hand experience to help thousands of people achieve optimal health using the combination of an anti-yeast nutritional approach, Chinese herbal therapy, stress management, deep emotional releasing techniques, and other holistic therapy methods.

Dr. J was born in Taiwan and is a naturalized U. S. citizen.   She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from National Taiwan University, her master’s degree from Boston College, and her doctorate from the University of California, San Francisco in the filed of Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing.   She is a former UCLA professor in her specialty field for seven years.  She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants from prestigious institutions including the National Institute of Mental Health in the U. S.

She was the host of radio and television talk shows titled “The Holistic Approach to Health and Success” in Southern California for near two decades.  She was the founder of several holistic health institute and weight management centres.  She was also the managing partner of an organic vegetarian restaurant, Dr. J’s Healthy and Tasty in Westwood, California for more than five years.


   For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

Her two best-selling books, Breaking the Yeast-Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing and Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking are included in the Easy, Fast, and Health Weight Loss, and Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse packaged programs as a must-read.
Up to date, she has written countless articles for local holistic magazines including Awareness Magazine and Whole Life Times.  She also posts numerous holistic health articles in Social Media including Facebook and LinkedIn.  Recently she also created a YouTube channel: Dr. J’s Holistic Health and started a Facebook group:






For more info on Sara’s shows go to choose-positive-living


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