TSM16/31 Isabella’s Journey living with Thalassemia Blood

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and  her guest Serafina  Sammarco airs August 2nd-8th

13619924_1296931187001744_7551746076650114491_nSerafina, a humanitarian and advocate of those living with Thalassemia for over 30 years.

SerafinaHer mission is to educate and support individuals affected by this genetic disorder. She truly believes that no matter what our life challenges may be,   rising above them is what makes us stronger.

Her drive was sparked by her daughter’s diagnosis of a genetic blood disorder at the age of 8 months and her death at 14 years of age.

She is the founder and president of The Vancouver Thalassemia Society, which she started after her daughter’s passing.


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Thallasemia banner mainWhat is Thalassemia?

Who is affected by it?

Diagnoses & Treatment

When Did I first learn about Thalassemia

How did my family handle it

Led the way to new treatment /

law (Isabella’s involvement)

Her Treatment and experiments

Forming a support Group after her passing

(The Vancouver Thalassemia Society of BC)  


images                                                                                                                      After a 20 year career in the corporate world, Serafina resigned to write and publish her daughter’s memoir titled Isabella’s Journey.  Writing Isabella’s memoir using her story to inspire others in similar circumstances life is great and it is to be enjoyed in spite of all our challenges.  Her inspiring story is charged with a positive outlook and filled with love and dedication for all who are experiencing stumbling block;  leading them gently back to their life’s paths.






Face Bookserafina sammarco

Telephone # 604-274-1052

More on your host Sara Troy’s showstheir-story-matters


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