Press Release:

A Self Discovery story e-book to inspire you


A new eBook by Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Fractals Company


“The Journey taken in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF”


“Quinesence” is a finely crafted collage of art, music and words that shares the journey of Bill Macquis’ life and the lessons he learned along his pathway to the discovery, embracement and actualization of SELF.

“Quinesence” is also the story of a boy who was born with a special gift of learning how to live with and overcome challenges that would leave many of us believing that only a miracle could conquer. The lessons he learned from these experiences became the core values and principles that form the embodiment of SELF that enable him to live life with greater purpose, meaning and dignity.

This book is best enjoyed with a bottle of fine wine along with a plate of imported cheese and crackers in a candle lit room with…

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