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eco banner 1We have one planet, and we will not have that long if we do not take care of it. There are so many innovative solutions to the global problem, and on these shows, we will be bringing you those who are consciously making a global difference.

From technologies to innovative food growing, we will share the ideas and solutions that will not only save our planet for years to come but also help us in our daily activities to do our part.

If you know of anyone or an organization who is sustaining the world in any way, invite them to share their how here.


Tune in every Tuesday to hear the hows, why’s and Who, and what brilliant ideas we can apply to living in sustainability.

This Weeks Featured Show…

Ecoism 17-40 Why Normal is Over with Renee Scheltema - Ecoism because Normal is over with Sara Troy and Renee Scheltema airing from October 3rd.  Renee Scheltema is a documentary filmmaker and producer, a journalist who has dedicated her life to bring us awareness of what is going on in the world that we need to know. I am honoured to bring you our show … Continue reading Ecoism 17-40 Why Normal is Over with Renee Scheltema
ECO 17-16 A New Way of Living with Rennie Davies -  ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Rennie Davis, on air from April 18th A New Way of Living The New Humanity is a treasure for today’s emerging movement and Protest Nation. Delivering inspiration and know-how for building a movement, Chicago 7 legend Rennie Davis, one of America’s most experienced movement leaders, brings you … Continue reading ECO 17-16 A New Way of Living with Rennie Davies

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