17-002 Podcasting/Radio Blogging Etiquette

Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 10th


Being a radio blog host or Podcaster requires some skill and ability to bring the best out of your guest. It is not about you unless you are doing a show about you, even then if it does not speak to the masses with a topic of interest they will not listen to you.

Do not become a host because you want fame or money, it takes time from you and conviction, do it because you want to support others.

Being a guest of a radio blog/podcast requires respect and gratitude, for someone is profiling you for no charge because they like you. You do not come demanding nor say “how many listeners” as that implies your not interested unless they have the numbers to serve you. Sincerity,  respect and consideration for the time someone has taken out to interview should always be remembered.

With so many podcasting/radio blogging out there today, one can be overwhelmed by who is who doing what. Do not just go on air because, but make sure the show genre represents you first and your work/topic and that the interviewer has a style that suits you.

I am a host of over 700 shows personally and run a radio blog station, I am going to share some tips with you on being a guest on a show and also how to host your own shows.

Radio Blog verses Podcast. They are the same except that a podcast generally does not give any written information about the show along with it. Radio Blogging give you a written s troy to accompany the audio story.


If you would like to download or listen S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio shows on your mobile device you can download free mobile apps here:  Soundcloud

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