C17-09a Powerful Beyond Measure Summit

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Cindy  Mazzaferro, on air from February 28th 


The Summit Begins on March 6th, 2017 book here now 

28 experts speak on various topics to embrace and strengthen your Power Within that creates positive and even miraculous changes in your life.

Remember, You are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Learn how to claim your Power Within:

  • Experience an inner sanctuary where peace, authenticity, and knowledge exists
  • Allow yourself to trust that inner wisdom and guidance
  • Learn how to feel stronger in making decisions and moving forward in life
  • Bring love and happiness to yourself and others
  • Stop being controlled by thoughts, beliefs, behaviors that hold you back and keep you small
  • Forgive and promote health and tranquility
  • Reveal your dreams, passions, and goals and create success and abundance in your life
  • Deepen and improve relationships,  finances, and opportunities
  • Learn how to overcome struggles, remove blocks, release stress, and let go

You won’t want to miss a single interview and the fabulous FREE GIFTS offered each day.

When you know your truth, you become EMPOWERED.
When you accept and love yourself, you become INVINCIBLE!

Reserve your spot today and receive EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to all 28 Transformational Experts  PLUS claim your FREE Power Gift Treasure Chest!



 For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

Meet Cynthia Mazzaferro the host of the remarkable and life-changing international summit, Powerful Beyond Measure as we share with you the many speakers she has for you to empower your life.

1661623_733523640100725_5238429039940063983_nHave you ever wondered about that inner voice you hear? That voice that you sometimes listen to, but quite often do not. What happens when you don’t listen to that voice?  Many times when we don’t listen to that voice (the power within) things become a challenge.  What if you could enhance your power with and your ability to act on what the voice tells you?  Join me and Cindy Mazzaferro, Intuition Expert, Transformation Coach, and Author, as we talk about how to embrace that power within and enhance that quiet voice all of us have…Intuition and listen to the POWER WITHIN.

Cindy’s programs are very interactive and provide tools and techniques that are readily usable to the participants.  The connection between Body and mind is explored as well as positivity vs negative and the impact that it has on your energy and health.  Cindy encourages her clients to take ownership and release the emotional pains that many of us hold from our pasts and continue to limit us in some way and play a role in feel inadequate, unhappy, hopeless, and unloved.  Often we are totally unaware of how our past is limiting us and can actually be contributing to our health issues.



Cindy has been interviewed before with us, for her personal information and her shows take a look at



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