LM17-09 A Song for Everyone with Michael Averill

“for the LOVE of Music’ with Nathen Aswell and his guest  Michael Averill, on air from February 28th. 


Michael Averill is an adventurous Canadian troubadour who delivers stories and songs of serendipity around the country by foot. Through heartfelt Roots, Folk, and Blues, Michael captivates his audiences and invites them to connect deeper within themselves and their communities.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//soundcloud.com/mobile

Onstage, Michael’s performance versatility ranges from gritty lap steel slide blues, to intricate finger-style folk, to driving Celtic.  He combines buttery guitar licks and philosophical wordplay into an intriguing musical experience.  Inevitably, show-goers leave with joy-filled hearts, new friends, and positively charged minds.

Catch some of Michaels music here 

Michael used to have his own show with us here on Self Discovery Radio, for his interviews GO HERE 

Michael Averill




for the LOVE of Music shows 

Your Host Nathen Aswell 

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