LM 17-13 Transformational vocalist Meri Nikula

“for the LOVE of Music” with Nathen Aswell and his guest Meri Nikula, on air from March 28th 

Meri Nikula is a vocalist, composer and a transformational healer from Finland. Meri’s work is very visceral, and is often a sensual experience. Her voice and body are the core elements of all of her creations. She has developed a concept called “Vocal Mosaic”, in which she creates collages of her voice in layers, using various vocal techniques.

Meri has lived in several countries (Japan, Iceland, The Netherlands, Ghana and more), and her music is freely inspired by many of the music cultures in the world. She combines her experience in music, dance, art and healing practices to teach “Voicing Your Body” workshops.

Meri also gives channeled vocal blessings, created uniquely for each individual. She works internationally, both as a performing artist as well as a healer.


For mobile/tablets  you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE

EXPERIMENTAL VOICE – Live In Tokyo (2009):


LAMENT – Restoring the Purity of the Heart:


VOCAL MOSAIC (Oshun’s Bracelets):


EXPERIMENTAL VOICE – Live In Tokyo (2009):





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Your Host Nathen Aswell 

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