TSM 17-18 Passionate Radio Hosting with Lillian Cauldwell

Their Story Matter with Sara Troy and her guest Lillian Cauldwell, on air from May 2nd 

Lillian Sara Cauldwell (born April 4, 1951, Baby Boomer) is an American author, entrepreneur, public speaker and ‘expert’ author interviewer. She has written one self-help book, “Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent’s Guide” which is required reading by all professors at Parson’s School of Design freshmen and transfer student’s professors.

Lillian S. Cauldwell created and operated the first women owned and run Internet talk radio network established in 2005. In the past eleven years, the network has garnered a listening audience of over ten million listeners, half 4.5 million listen to ‘on demand’ archival programs.

Based on three major principles, Ms. Cauldwell has interviewed international and nationally acclaimed authors from The Miami International Bookfair (asked back 4 years in a row) at the book fair plus re-interviewing these authors via remote video and audio streams. Ms. Cauldwell also is requested back by Steve Harrison to advise paid attendees on how to pitch to prospective radio and television stations.


for mobile/tablets  you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE

Many of the hosts and interns who have worked with PWRN have accomplished additional successes outside of the station.

Jeanne White, 2014, Advocate for Nurse Abuse, received award from Massachusetts Governor for bringing national attention to the abuse of nurses in Hospital Emergency Rooms, Millie Bess, 2012, Advocate for the Veterans, helped pass four laws protecting the rights of the veterans, Dan Riley, Intern, applied and accepted a position with NPR in their Production Dept. Mr. Riley has Asperger’s, Karen Tate, talk show host, received an offer from a major television company.Richard Coleman, Jr. worked with NASA for two years. When he finished law school NASA placed him a government internship program. When Richard is finished with his government internship, NASA has a job waiting for him.

She has authored several science fiction fantasy and paranormal multi-cultural books for African American and Hispanic tweens and teens and written short stories and poetry. Her short stories were used by the Simegen website, owned by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, a bestselling science fiction author, to earn monies for charities. Sara Cauldwell has helped junior and senior high school students write, revise, and submit their books for publication.

L. S. Cauldwell.CEO

Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!





Bs.: 610-273-3083

Cell: 734-972-5945

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