SDE 17-17 Liberating Purpose with Rev Nanci Adair

Self Discovery’s EBook series author Rev Nanci Adair hosted by Sara Troy 

 UKandu-Retire Your Inner Critic

Are you an artist who doesn’t paint, a screen-writer who isn’t writing, a musician whose guitar is leaning against the wall? You’re not alone. You’ve got an inner critic, the kind that besets most of my clients and indeed was for many years my own obstacle to creative expression and a joyful spirit. Please read my own story of self-discovery so you too can retire your inner critic.

Nanci was blessed from an early age with vision and the power to manifest her dreams. Growing up, her earliest inspiration came from a children’s book: Harold and the Purple Crayon. Like Harold, Nanci could create a world of her own simply by drawing it into being.

Rev. Nanci Weston Adair, MA, LCPC, ACC is an award-winning host and executive producer of UKandu Radio part of the Amazing Women of Power network.( Ukando Radio)  Nanci is a woman of many passions and talents. Nanci is an illustrator,  counsellor, and coach known as the coaches coach.  Nanci is an ordained interface minister who has devoted much of her career life to helping addicts in recovery to unleash their creativity and obtain spiritual transformation.

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