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Christina Hill is a certified hypnotist, spiritual life coach and a renowned psychic channeler. She is also a Reiki Master and a certified Acutonics practitioner. Born with a heightened awareness of her intuitive abilities, Christina has communicated with the spirits of people and animals since she was a child. Told her abilities would condemn her to eternal damnation, she grew up hiding her gifts and experiences from others. Through years of personal work and spiritual mentorship, Christina learned to embrace all aspects of herself and live in harmony with them. From there, she began to hone her intuitive abilities, focusing in on the ancient art of first-person channelling. Christina met the Angel Athella in 2015 while in deep hypnosis.

Athella told Christina her life’s purpose had been revealed and the two set out to share Athella’s messages of healing, balance and wholeness with the world. Experience Athella’s wisdom through one-on-one private sessions, a retreat with Christina, Athella’s e-books and videos, or at one of the many free live events Christina holds for the public in Seattle, WA.

Athella’s mission is to bring worldwide healing to all humans who are willing and ready to shift into higher dimensional living during this epic point on planet Earth. Rather than standing for a cause, she stands in Light and passes her messages and healings through the body of Christina Hill… in other words, if Athella had a mission statement it would not be a written statement, it would be energy that you can feel when you decide to connect with her.

Athella’s teachings give us concrete, proven strategies for becoming what she refers to as “an upgraded human”. Instead of giving us more intellectual information to think about, she presents her energy and healing using simple language and encourages us to quit thinking.

 Channeling Ascension Show is in support of  Athella’s monastery! where families can come together in embracement of their whole ascension into their ability to channel divine knowingness and inner and outer love.

Welcome to Athella’s monastery!

Christina Hill is a world-renowned first person channeler whose angel, Athella, connects and heals humans from all over the globe. This is the only retreat in the world offered by a first-person channeler. Athella is a being from the highest dimensional plane who talks through the body of Christina. Athella provides information and healing, connecting individuals to their Guides, and has been invited to speak on both national radio and live TV to bring her messages and healing to any human who is open to receive them.

Christina and Athella offer an exquisite retreat experience for couples, families, and children who are ready to implement conscious living practice into everyday life- as well as those families who desire profound mind-body healing and skills building to maintain high vibrational connectedness with their family systems. Conscious living and ascension into our 5th-dimensional being take on a whole new level when you choose to awaken as a family, and when the decision is made to take the experience of retreat and make it a daily living practice- a lifestyle.

Join Christina and the entire Athella team for our Family Retreats where parents and children are given a chance to deepen their conscious relationships with each other and their individual relationships with Divine Source. Dynamic team-building exercises in nature are combined with conscious movement/adventure/fitness based activities to build confidence and trust in each other, and to teach spiritual and life lessons. Present tense communication facilitation, family constellation development, bonding and attachment enrichment, contrast/conflict resolution, and consciousness in parenting are embedded into the program, blended with fun and laughter- the result is a spontaneous wellspring of joy and high vibration, a true connection to oneself and to others.

As you cross the threshold and enter into Athella’s world, this unprecedented 3-day intensive experience will offer you and your loved ones a doorway to fully transform, connect with your Guides, manifest, and implement tools for sustainable lifelong change. We will journey through the mediums of meditation, with both guided and non-guided sittings, walking meditations, conscious hikes, and learning how pathways to the soul through felt body awareness. Snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, swimming with our local dolphin teachers, kayak excursions, guided tours of local crystal water caves and ancient sacred pyramids, rappelling in caves where blue lagoons await exploration are among just a few of the offerings that make this retreat so unique. All participants receive exclusive soul-body work with Christina including Reiki, energy healing, guidance from Athella, open channelling sessions, yoga/spiritual fitness movements, and more. Athella will be hosting impromptu talks to respond to whatever arises in the experience of the participants, allowing for the Now-ness, the present moment, to lead the way.

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Athella’s Family Retreats are held in a private luxury three-story beachfront property in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, just 3 hours west of Cancun. Included in the retreat package are lodging in our world-class monastery that has been tailor-made to host our special guests and their beautiful families for their total comfort, 24 hour access to our pool and the breathtaking, open Gulf sea just steps from our back door, all organic vegan meals prepared to the highest specifications by our resident chef, transportation to and from the airport as well as to and from all our activities/excursions, and all materials and supplies to compliment your sacred journey with us. Our wonderful caretakers are also here to assist you in feeling right at home, honouring every detail from the fabric of your linens to the perfect hammock size and your own personalized journal with handwritten notes from Athella.


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