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2Our Veterans are not only heroes but have become leaders in overcoming and supporting each other in each other’s recovery and in getting back into a productive life. Veterans realize what they have all gone through and understand what they need in healing their mental emotional and physical wounds. Because of this, they have become an inspiration to all who are going through trauma and struggles in life.

We will be bringing a show series specializing in veterans stories of adapting back into mainstream life. Each series will address a certain aspect of their new directions. This is their journey but could be ours, and being so inspired by their strength and courage we find solutions and that strength in our own life’s journey.

These shows will also become a funding platform for Veterans for services needed in their recovery and redirections.

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LM 17-07 Chris Gill Shares the Music is in his Heart & Soul - “for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Chris Gill, on air from February 14th Chris Gill a native of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, is a captivating singer/songwriter whose lyrics are masterfully showcased by his passionate musicality and engaging performance. Chris is proficient on guitar and drums, and a natural on piano. The reality … Continue reading LM 17-07 Chris Gill Shares the Music is in his Heart & Soul


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 Self Discovery Radio is producing a series of shows under the genre “Our Global Veterans Stories ” in raising awareness and funding to support many wonderful Veteran organizations with these shows and media support.

What these organizations are doing for their Veteran community is commendable and in their support, allows dignity, independence and productivity for all concerned. 

In support of these veterans and these shows, we invite you to support this radio show “Our Global Veterans Stories ” so we can bring these shows straight from those who have fought their inner and outa battles. You can donate any amount below, 90% goes directly to the various Veteran organizations in support of services needed which we also offer from our Services Directory here on Self Discovery Community.  10% to Self-Discovery Community Radio to bring more awareness to the extraordinary Veterans living in their personal triumphs having come through such adversity. 


We celebrate all Veterans catch the BRAVO 748 SHOWS  

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Your Host

Saras profile pic (2)Sara Troy owner- host of  Self Discovery Radio Network

With 5 plus years in interviewing amazing people from around the world, Sara decided to place focus on the organization doing wonderful work for their community. With a series of shows on Veterans and their strength struggles and inspirations, she and John will be hosting these show to bring awareness and funding for these shows and Vet organizations.





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