SDE 17-40 SDE Author Dr Amelia Kemp

Self Discovery’s EBook series author Dr Amelia Kemp, hosted by Sara Troy.

Dr. Amelia Kemp, Ph.D, LMHC, Holistic psychotherapist and
Founder of UR2-GLOBAL self-esteem platform.

As a psychotherapist and ordained metaphysician, I am often asked
what I’ve learned and gathered in my own personal journey about the true
self that might uplift another soul. As I share in my book, From Psychotherapy
to Sacretherapy: “I learned that we discover and honour the true self by paying
attention, clearing everything through our inner knowing and learning how to
trust and respect its counsel . . . Honing in on our divine sensing and willingness
to hear the sacred call. And in so doing, we come to know who we are . . . trusting
the clues that we are heading in the right direction . . . Accepting that there is
more to the self than our physical beingness . . . and allowing that inner nudging
to prompt us into investigating the layers of what it means to be a soul-filled being
. . . Acknowledging that this inner knowing is like an oracle with prophetic
sight revealing the way, offering life-changing, dead-on guidance . . . back to the
true self.”

amelia-300dpiFor me, the true self-was discovered when I understood that the true self is the spirit within, which came into our body-temples to share something beautiful.
And that beauty is greatly manifested through our strengths and talents, not just our most raw, vulnerable selves. I observed that many believe that the true self is only “authentic“ when one shares their deepest insecurities and
weaknesses. That perception is fragmented when one believes that “authenticity” focuses only on the frailties of the human experience.

More on her chapter in the book.


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