CA 17-41The Power of Choice in our Business & Life.

Channeling Ascension with Sara Troy and Christina Hill and guest MICHAEL BIANCO-SPLANN


We know you are feeling the tension of global vibrations right now and it is hard to ride above it, but stay with us as it is an invitation to rise up and feed the loving vibrations.

We are going to delve into the topic of living in the present tense and the appropriate application of ego and the activity of thinking in the corporate world (for example, how one can oscillate between be-ing and an ego state, balancing these realms of existence for practical purposes in a leadership role or when interfacing with others in the workplace).  There is a need for more Light in the corporate/business world- divine, conscious leadership indeed asks that the pioneers rise into the Light and give practical tips that will set the bar for others to follow.

We know there are problems in the world but are we choosing to embrace the solutions that are out of the norm? We need to open our minds and hearts and step into a new consciousness that will serve all of humanity.


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Like you, conscious leadership expert, visionary author, inspirational speaker, and Transformational Life Coach, Michael Bianco-Splann has witnessed an evolving world demanding new and innovative strategies. Exponential change requires waking up to a new you and illuminating your ambitions. Are you the conscious leader and visionary necessary to navigate the ever-changing world? Do you possess the courage to bring your authentic self into the boardroom and the bedroom? Are you living true to the real you? Do your employees feel your passion? Are you operating from a position of love, compassion and understanding? Do you realize that integrity and ethics can prosper in the same room as profits and shareholder value? Are you happy?

With over three decades of executive coaching, training and performance consulting from across several industries, Michael appreciates and shares with his listeners and clients an impassioned and experiential expertise that energizes and infuses groundbreaking results.


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