18-11 Synchronicity of Alignment Surrendering to Revealing.

Sara Troy on SARA’S VIEW OF LIFE, on air from March 13th 


It took me going to Toronto in the worst winter in 60 years to know where I belong and my path before me. That is all ok, diversion is good, one needs to step outside of one’s life to see it more clearly. Stepping out of expectation and surrendering to revealing.

All my plans are good, nothing wrong with the blueprint the plan, but how and when it is to be implemented will reveal itself is up to the universes synchronicity, one can not align one’s self when things and not in sequence. Who decides that sequence? not us, we must allow the alignment to take place as it is meant to and not get in our own way.

Now because I allowed and not dictated, I am in a sequential rhythm that is allowing me to expand and fulfil my meaningful purpose. You know the song ” I can see clearly now the rain has gone” well I can see clearly now the fog of indecision and doubt has gone. I had to take certain steps and find that place that vibrationally welcomed me before I could start building my plan.

In the divines energy plan for me, it has taken my desires and blueprints and put them into a sequence a that is logical, achievable and allows me to step into action coherently and in fluidity. The time is right, the steps are presenting themselves as well as the people, and I am in flow and growth.

All that was once a chore is now a creative action being done, step by step I am achieving what needed to be done so I could get done what I wanted to get done.


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